Projects and photo uploads

I have a client who has three sites and three site managers.
I want each manager to be able to upload photos of receipts which they can in Quickfile
Is it possible to tag the photo using the iOS app to a project?

As far as I’m aware, you can’t tag images or files directly to projects (although, to me it sounds like a good idea).

However, you could attach them to an invoice, which in turn would be tagged to the project. This would be the only way I can think of at the moment.

They should be able to upload receipts from either CamScanner or the iOS app, don’t see any problems here. If you use CamScanner you can create a Dropbox account that can then be configured on each phone for uploads.

There is no way to tag a receipt scan directly to a project, however receipt scans can be attached to purchase invoice which in turn can be attached to a project.

Thank you for all the responses. Ideally the company wants to save time in quickfile by the photos arriving tagged to a project from iOS rather than doing it in quickfile.

I wonder if there is a way to use Quickfile’s API and link to something like Google+ photos using Zapier?

Zapier is like the long tail of integrations, it’s so broad that it’s difficult to find one solution that actually works for the majority. It’s a classic case of choice exhaustion :smile:

We are going to start looking at Zapier soon, but a lot of development work is onhold right now as we are making some big changes to our infrastructure, i.e. building more servers and adding additional capacity.

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