Projects - Error message and can't see my projects

Hi, I just spend a while to tag all my invoices to know the breakdown of each project. However, when I click on Project now, I am unable to access the information because it says: 'Conversion from string “” to type ‘Double’ is not valid." and none of my projects are featured anymore under the Projects tab?

Same here!

The one night I decide to sit down and decide to get my invoices done and get a grip with projects. Oh well, i’ll go pour a glass of wine instead :wine_glass:

Yes, I’ve seen the same - the error box is:

Hi I get the exact same message when trying to access projects. It was OK yesterday but today it fails. The only thing I have done is add some extra users.

If anyone finds a solution please post.

Apologies for the error on the project overview screen, we’re looking into this at the moment.

The projects I have created have all gone, when I click the projects tab a pop up appears with- conversion from string"" to type’ double click is not valid. the box has an ok button which I click and the project area is showing no projects.

Hi, me too! I did not realized you had the same problem and just posted an post on this as well.

This has now been fixed! Unfortunately a bug made it’s way into the live code after an update we made yesterday, it seemed evade our test scenarios. Any further problems please let me know.

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