Projects - Fixed Costs

Just using this feature for the first time. Lets say I have rolled up fixed costs of 15k pa and I want to allocate them to three projects split 50%/25%/25%.

Ideally I’d like to enter the fixed costs once (to avoid making three entries per fixed cost item) so I am thinking of using the adjustment feature. Should I enter the amount say 7.5k as a negative 7.5k on both the invoice & cash lines of the adjustment feature & do the same (-3.75k) for the other two projects?


Hello Dave

It would depend on if you wanted to show it as cash or invoice but I would do one or the other

Just so you are aware creating an adjustment to a project will not have any impact on your ledgers.

If you are posting fixed costs to your ledgers would you not just tag the project to those invoices?

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