Proprietor Drawings Account Balance Anomaly


My balance was 0 but is now reading significantly higher than that all of a sudden.

I can’t establish where the elusive balance has come from. Presumably if I unlock previous years I can access the Proprietors Account from there?

There’s also a strange balance appearing in Petty Cash as well but no transactions are showing?

Hi @NEC,

When you view a bank account you are limited to the last 2 years of transactions, this may be why you aren’t seeing any.

If you go to the search and set the date range, you can set it from as early as you like to todays date, this should then show you what you are missing?

Many thanks.

I can see it now but I just don’t understand it was the balance was 0 as I do the journals regularly.

You must be able to see credits and debits to that account. The balance will be the difference between the two. You’ll need to reconcile each credit and debit to see where the balance lies.

Yes that’s what I’ve done and it seems as if there is an anomaly in 2016 which isn’t making sense as it wasn’t there before. I did use an Accountant once this year and I’m just waiting back to hear whether it’s something they altered.

It could possibly be a write back of disallowed expenses which the accountant has allocated to the proprietors drawings account.

It may even be linked to the petty cash issue.

Have you check the journals to see if any of those have affected the balance?

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