Purchase inventory

A feature which would be really helpful with Quickfile is a purchase inventory. In fact, if it could be linked to the current invoice inventory this would be even better.

Our suppliers send us updated price lists and it would be helpful if we could create an inventory list of items we purchase regularly, which supplier and the price. This will make it quicker to find and create purchase orders.

If this could be linked to the sales inventory by say, selecting an item with it’s purchase price and being able to select a markup to input in the sales inventory, then it helps for accurate pricing as well.
Is this something that could be implemented in the near future please?


We would develop this only as part of a full stock control system. Stock control is a huge area in itself, not a trivial feature to get right. I regret at the moment we don’t have any plans to develop a stock control interface within Quick File.

Ok Glenn, thanks for that.
Hopefully it will be something that could be done in the future.

Some of our clients only raise purchase orders for items they will be using regularly in future, so to be able to set the item up there and then within the purchase order, or invoice too actually, would be really time saving, as it is taking us a lot of time doing this manually at the moment with a duplicate tab and copy/pasting

Many thanks in advance for any reply.

Hello @Becci_Brindley

We did implement something which may help you, its not stock control but it is used to speed up data entry by using templating.