Purchase invoice credit note after payment

I have again got to the point of required a supplier activity report or statement. I am at a loss with the way credit notes are listed/shown.

Surely it can’t only be me that receives credit notes after a payment has been made? I have raised a credit against a paid invoice, but now it appears I have an overpayment or duplicated credit note and I really can’t see where the error is or how to correct it! I have downloaded the payment list and invoice list and still can’t see the audit trail re payment and credit!!! HELP PLEASE by at least creating an option for an audit trial.

Desperately seeking assistance, thank you

Hi @TudorJones

Was the credit note raised by going to More Options >> Raise a Credit Note?

Does the credit note show on your account?

I raised the credit note by refunding the invoice.

I think the problem is that the credit note shows in the invoice list as well as the payment list, as credit can’t be allocated as invoice already paid. I thought I had processed twice.

It just seems so difficult to reconcile supplier accounts, as all transactions are not in one place, so dealing with credits or unallocted payments is a nightmare!

Hi @TudorJones

Are there any transactions you’ve noticed missing from the supplier payments list?

There are essentially two parts to a credit note, like a sales invoice - the invoice itself, and then the actual movement of funds, whether this be to a bank account or held on account.

You should see all payments in the payment list, such as:

  • Invoice payments
  • Prepayments (held on account / “unallocated”)
  • Refunds (back to the bank)

All the invoices appear to be there, it was confusing seeing the credit note twice, as I thought I had duplicated it!

My ongoing issue is not having a full overview of a supplier account in one place, similar to a client statement.

Thank you

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