Purchase invoice fully paid but listed as partially paid

I note that there was a previous topic on this which stated that the bug was fixed, however I have an invoice which still appears to have the issue.

Our invoice QF00345 shows in the outstanding invoices screen as ‘partially’ paid, however there is no amount outstanding and no way to change it’s status.

Please advise.

I’ve removed that from the list. The underlying bug that caused this was fixed 3 weeks ago so it shouldn’t happen again.

Many thanks, We’ll let you know if any others pop up that we haven’t yet resolved.

Kind regards

We appear to have an invoice with the same issue as this (our invoice 571). Please could you investigate.

Are you seeing something like this?

This appears to be a slightly different issue to the previously reported problem in that the invoice isn’t appearing in the creditor invoice list. It seems to be a labelling problem on the actual preview screen. It won’t cause any adverse effects to your figures but I will refer this to our dev team to fix.

Many thanks for your response.

The invoice is showing up on the invoice management screen showing as partially paid and therefore causing our credit controller some confusion.

Kind regards

I’m not seeing this? Although you appear to have 3 accounts so I may be looking at the wrong one? I will PM you for more details.

Ok no probs I found and manual corrected this invoice. It may have been due to the previously discussed problems on this thread and may of existed prior to the fix. We’ll double check just to make sure.

Thanks Glen,

I’ve also found our purchase QF000198 on A/C6131414222 that must have had the same problem. If you are able to get rid of that as well.


We’ve fixed that one for you Paul.