Purchase Invoice Import wont import items to certain nominal codes

I have an issue, i am trying to import purchased items, but the importer wont import to 2 nominal accounts

they are


i have tried changing them to both the following




each time it throws the same error

please see image below

I just tried with a very short test file and it worked OK for me.

test-TB.csv (32 Bytes)

Are you able to send me a PM and attach the file please? I may be some formatting issue with the CSV.

the formatting is an export from another QF account

UPDATE: There is a rule set to restrict nominal codes to the 5000-9997 that is currently in place. Unfortunately the error message is incredibly vague. We’ve addressed this on our development version so it should work fine once we deploy the updates.

ok good to hear, i worked around it just changing it to a nominal that worked for now, and manually went into the purchases and switched to what i needed.

OK this has been resolved.

In future you should be able to import any purchase invoices and use codes between (0-2999 Assets). The only caveat is that any code you’re using within this range must be a code that would normally appear as an option when manually creating invoices, this applies by default to any user-created nominal code in that range.

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Thanks for the quick turn around

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