Purchase invoice in EUR with direct payment

Hello! I am not sure, but probably it should be categorized as feature requestion.

Think is that we are dealing a lot with customers and suppliers from Euro zone, so we would like to create Purchase Orders in EUR. Thats not a problem with QuickFiles, but problem is that one cannot directly turn this PO as Paid because the system doesn’t offer a way in Paid From (see the attached picture) to select our EURO bank account. We have two accounts - one in Pouds and one in Euro. But systems allowes to select only the Pound bank accounts.

Cleary we can separate the process of entering a PO from Payment (where one can without any problems to pay also from Euro account), but thats not that handy.

Try saving the purchase invoice without logging a payment. The on the preview screen click the “Log a Payment” button and you should have more control over where the funds are deposited.

Let me know if that works for you!

Hi! Thanks for a fast answer!

Yes, this way it works - but that I have already figured out. Thats why I have posted it in Feature requests section :smile: - as it can same some clicks if Euro accounts would be directly available on new PO entry form.

Noted…It’s in the right category “Features” so we will revisit this when we have the time.

I was a little confused at first as Purchase Orders are formal requests for goods & services. What you’re referring to here is a Purchase Invoice.

My mistake, sorry! And thanks for including that into feature request list!

Hi Glenn,

Is it possible to individually select a euro entry format for suppliers or PLN for Polish for example? or is it simply a default? I think it might be handy to select this when you tick EU supplier, a choice of purchase order currency format pops up?

Currently I am looking at the advice “paying-euro-supplier-invoices-in-gbp/1300” as I have simply entered the purchase ordered in GBP for the amount wired to the supplier this is not ideal but I’m kinda in a hurry :wink:

Whilst on the subject of EU suppliers, is it possible to enter supplier prompt payment discounts for EU suppliers some offer 3% for advance payment?

If your only making occasional purchases with EU suppliers and making payment in GBP you can just enter those invoices in GBP based on the amount that left your bank account. Entering the invoice in EUR and then paying in GBP will allow you to account for a loss/gain but if it’s a trivial amount it’s probably not worth doing.

You can already set the default currency of any supplier in the supplier settings screen. You’ll need to switch on Multi-Currency at the account level first.

Any such discounts I’m afraid would need to be applied manually.