Purchase Invoice - Restricted Account Schedule

I have set up 2 no. bank accounts, but the bank account from which the purchase invoice has been paid does not appear as an account to pay from when ‘logging a payment’ in one particular instance (though does appear on other purchase invoices created in just the same way). Help?

Are you dealing with foreign currencies on either the invoice or bank account? Also there is a known issue whereby on the purchase entry screen foreign currency accounts don’t show, but they do show on the following purchase preview screen when you click the ‘Log a payment button’.

Where the client is set up with foreign currency attribute, the log a payment button does bring up all bank accounts , including the additional Ethical Currency account manually set up, and therefore the payments to those suppliers can be rightly logged as paid from the EC account . However , a payment to a UK supplier (Bio-Nordic Ltd in this instance, having no foreign currency attribute ) can’t be logged from the EC account as the EC bank account deosn’t appear in the accounts listing (whichever way it is accessed). I don’t understand that as the EC account details are no different than any bank account set up in the normal manner so the system wouldn’t differentiate? By all means access my account details if you wish and I can advise which payment I’m struggling with.

It looks like you’re trying to pay a GBP invoice from a non-GBP bank account which isn’t currently supported. You’d need to either recreate the invoice in the foreign currency or transfer the amount paid to a GBP account and then pay directly from there.

This explains Glenn . thank you for this. I can revise accordingly. Kind Regards. James

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