Purchase Invoices - Help me choose a category?

When I use the facility to find the correct account to allocate a purchase “Help me choose a category?” which updates the category after finding the appropriate account.

i.e DIY Tools account updated to Repairs and Renewals.

After the invoice is saved with all the details showing correctly, when I go to view the invoice the updated category has not been saved as ‘Repairs and Renewals’ but instead they have been allocated to ‘Travelling’.

I have been modifying the invoice back to R&R but this is not working quite right.

Seemed to work OK for me.

I suspect after choosing the category you are then entering the supplier name, what this will do is replace whatever is in that box with the default category for the supplier.

a/c 451
Invoice QF01217
Dear Glenn,

I have had another look at this invoice.

When I put Tools in ‘Help me choose a Category’ two options are given:
DIY Tools or Trade Related Tools - if I choose Trade Related Tools the account updates to Plant & Machinery and save the invoice correctly - but if I choose DIY Tools the category is updated to Repairs & Renewals, after saving the invoice and viewing the category as mysteriously changed to Travelling. (Supplier Default Purchase Category - General Purchases)

Not quite working for me.



Apologies…That’s now fixed. It looks like the wrong nominal code was saved when we added that to the library.