Purchase Invoices - Pay online button

This does not seem to work. Is this a ‘future feature’ or have I not set something up properly.

This button should only appear if the purchase was created by your supplier and mapped into your account. It’s dependent on the payment settings configured by the supplier. Do you have a specific invoice number where you are seeing this problem and we’ll take a look for you?

Actually Glenn, I thought I’d point out that I also see this button on every purchase, but it’s never been enabled. We aren’t linked to any of our suppliers either.

I’ve always ignored it if I’m honest!

Thanks @Parker1090 we’ll take a look at that now.

Hi Glenn, I have set this up for supplier ref SUP02000007 on our system - which is a test account for me although it will have practical uses as well. I have set up the contact details with a completely different e-mail account.

Interestingly when I click the link on the suppliers account

“Invite ‘Michael Bruce M0ITI - Cash reimbursements’ to push invoices directly into your Quick File account. Find out more here.”

It sends the link for company N/A

On the email that the supplier gets as a result, it asks for a login ID and a password, but I cannot see how that can be set up.

This looks like a seriously very useful feature (like the rest of Quickfile) so I am very keen to master this

Kind regards


The N/A part is odd. This invitation checks whether the email address you’re sending to already has an account in QuickFile…It may have located an account but can’t determine the company name?? We’ll log this as a bug and investigate further.

I’ll get back to you shortly on this!

Oh, it turned out to be less of a mystery than I anticipated :smile: …The person you sent the invitation to does have a QuickFile account with the company name entered as N/A. The link on the email is prompting him to login and accept the invitation.

Ping ! That would be the Quickfile login for my private accounts and I can understand the rationale of why you have done it this way.

Point is, not all of our suppliers and sundry creditors will be Quickflie users and most of them are not companies but individuals, partnerships, sole traders etc.

I was hoping that the Pay Online purchase option would be utilising the bank account details entered into the Suppliers Record to route funds from the bank to the supplier - this would be supremely useful.

Very many thanks Glenn for the customary ‘Quickfile Customer Service’ there is many an organisation should take a leaf out of your book.

Wishing you and your colleagues every success in 2014


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