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Purchase Invoices with Linked Suppliers

I am working with accountant ( QF selected) to finish corporation tax return and I have trial balance not balancing on suppliers. I have found this to come from payments to at least 1 QF linked supplier where their payment is recorded but no purchase invoice is present. For other unlinked suppliers this does not happen. I am proposing that this is an ommited auto generation in QF, if so what remedial activity do I need to do ?

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Hi @Howard

If it’s just the case of a missing purchase invoice, you can just manually create this in its place and tag the payment as normal.

Hi Mathew

I rely on QF automated functions, can this be added as I have two years to fix

Sorry if I’ve not understood correctly.

Am I right in thinking you’ve set up a link with your supplier (who uses QuickFile), but invoices they’ve issued since the link was created, have not been brought across to your account?

Yes they are linked QF supplier, I am getting [Payment allocated to purchase #QF04090] but #QF04090 is on their account so my account is not balancing

If they’ve sent you the invoice (with you being their client), then a #QF number would be correct, as this is how purchase invoices are numbered.

I’m not sure where you’re seeing the “Payment allocated to purchase #QF04090” message exactly, but you should be able to click on the #QF reference to view the purchase invoice on your account.

Chart of Accounts -> Payment to Supplier: [Mr XXX QF04090 FT] -> Payment: #PP004222. But there is no purchase invoice listed in my chart of accounts so I am paying a supplier that has not invoiced me, so the trial balance is showing the supplier owes me. Need to get this fixed asap, my accounts are due end of march and accountant is getting twitchy.

When you view the payment #PP004222, what does it say there? Does it say that it’s been allocated, or remains unallocated?

If it’s been allocated, then it would link through to the invoice on your account. If it’s unallocated, it’s been saved as a supplier credit (prepayment).

Date Reference Narrative Amount
17/03/2020 000025 [Payment allocated to purchase #QF04090]


Ok, great! That link (“Payment allocated to purchase #QF04090”) should be a link through to the purchase invoice on your account.

If the invoice was created by your supplier through the account linking, you may see a notice that it’s a mapped invoice at the top of the invoice itself. Likewise, you would see an entry in the event log to show it was created by your supplier.

yes its mapped but in Creditors Control Account (2100) I have £12000 debit and £3000 credit. All the other suppliers ( not linked) show a purchase invoice ( credit) and a matching payment to supplier record ( debit). the net difference between debit and credit would be zero without the linked supplier. But with the linked supplier I an getting big offset of 12k debit and £3k credit - it would be £3k debit and 3k credit without linked supplier.

Let me send you a private message to get some details from you.

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Hi Mathew, did you send message ?

Hi @Howard

Yes - you should see a green notification in the top right hand corner, by your avatar.

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