Purchase Order - add "Quote Number" fields

Purchase Orders seem to be a forgotten part of QuickFile. We would like to see the ability to add the Quote Number from a quote provided by the supplier and be able to attach their original quote to the PO. Further to this, we would find massive value in the ability to select a “Deliver To” field from our list of client contacts.

We are currently having to add this information in manually in to the Notes section and it is a bit cumbersome… The whole process could be streamlined with simple integration into the existing client contacts list for the customer in question.

Is there a better way that using the Notes section or is this something that should be raised as a feature request?.. I can’t imaging it would be overly complicated to implement this functionality and would greatly enhance the functionality of the Purchase Orders section.


Hi @BaseRock

Most of our features are implemented based on user feedback - so you’ve certainly done the right thing by starting this topic here.

However, what I would encourage you to do, is rather than starting a new thread, is add your support to the following individual threads so the support is easier to track:

The only one I can’t see an existing topic for is an option to record a quote number. Would you like me to update your post title to reflect just this request, or would you prefer to start a new thread for it?

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Thank you for the response… I will add to the threads that you highlighted. Please can you change the post title to just reflect the quote number request.