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Purchase Order/Inventory - Unit Amount to 4 Decimal Places

Love the changes to the PO procedure but wondered if it was possible to amend the unit cost field to allow for 4 decimal places (e.g. £0.0325)? A lot of components we buy are priced in fractions of a penny.

Hi @manleyc

I’ve converted this topic to a feature request for the moment. If there’s enough interest, then we’ll take a closer look to see if this is feasible.

how do i change this on PO, i need at least 3 decimal places.

Hi @delan

With the the quantity, you can enter up to 4 decimal places

How about the price, i need 4 dec. places too.

This I’m afraid is not currently supported, although you’ve posted on the right topic. This is feature is not planned, however we will continue to monitor interest.

Hi, I cannot amend the unit price of the item on a sales invoice, to 4 digit decimal. The price of the item I am selling is GBP0.0188 per unit, but it appears as 0.02 on the invoice when I type it. I will need the decimals to be 4?

Hi @dtex,

This is not supported currently. I have moved your post onto the feature request thread.


QuickFile doesn’t allow fractions of a penny for the unit cost but it does allow fractional quantities, so a possible workaround might be to have the “unit” be 100 items at a price of £1.88 and then if you want to sell, say, 20 items then set the quantity to 0.2.

Hi, we’re also looking to be able to use 4 decimal places in the unit column when invoicing our customers for energy on our caravan site. The unit price currently is 0.1242 but obviously rounds down to 0.12 currently. We would appreciate the ability to invoice to this level of accuracy.

You can add your vote at the top of the thread as this a feature request thread.

Hi @candhleisureltd,

There is now an option to Vote for the #feature’s that you’re interested in. So feel free to click the Vote button at the top of this thread to register your interest :slight_smile: