Purchase orders no attachment

I keep getting suppliers telling me that they are receiving some purchase orders with no attachment. Does anyone else have this problem?

Hi @charlotte

This is the first we’ve been made aware of this, but we’ll certainly look into it.

If you have a Power User Subscription, are you seeing an attachment in your email log (Account Settings >> All Settings >> Sent Email Log)? Any emails with an attachment will be shown with a paperclip icon, and when viewing the email, the attachments are listed at the bottom.

Yes it does show an attachment, I guess its their end blocking it? Strange as they received 80% of my PO’s just not some.

Thank you

It does seem that way. Do you notice it with any particular supplier or is it from a variety?

I’ve done a quick test sending POs to various email addresses I have access to, and they’ve all come through fine. If there was a way to isolate it (like one supplier, or a particular mail server), we could hopefully offer a better explanation - but unfortunately email can be a bit of a minefield.

Once the email has left our end, there’s no real way to see what happens to it (like the attachments being filtered for example).

Thats fine thank you, yes it is usually just the one supplier, i send several e-mails to them a day and just the odd one wont have the attachment but I will let them know it is something filtering their end.

They may be able to check with their email provider to see if the attachment is being removed (and they could provide an explanation for it too), but this does depend on the provider.

It would certainly be interesting to hear of any further details they’re able to pass to you - obviously we want to be sure that they are being delivered in the way it’s intended.

Thank you, I will let you know if they do speak to their e-mail provider.

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