Purchase orders viewed by client

Invoices marked with a green circle have been viewed by the client - this is a handy feature, would it be possible to add this feature to the purchase orders?

I have had a number of purchase orders not received by suppliers for various reasons, having the viewed by client feature would provide an important indication that our instruction / order has been received.


I presume it would actually just be viewed by supplier, but why would supplier have a login? According to the knowledge base article, purchase orders are sent as PDF attachments, so there would be no way for QF to track this.
Perhaps adding the ability to CC the email would help?

This makes sense as there is only a pdf attachment, my question is would it be possible to include a link on purchase orders same as invoices, therefore when the link is clicked on it could then show the opened status?


Thanks @Rob - I get you now. I presume you would need to have open access with a tokenised parameter in the URL as there would be no need for a supplier to have a login (and they probably wouldn’t want a login as would be unwieldy to manage).

Thats correct, no need for a login, the reason for this request is I have had purchase orders not received due to email glitches etc, I have no way of knowing if this happens, due to the lack in confidence in email deliverability I have found myself typing emails to suppliers just to ask if the order has been received.
It is particularly important when I am sending purchase orders to our haulage company to collect goods scheduled to be delivered to customers.