Purchase Overcharge and Refund


I made a purchase for £176, however the retailer made debit card withdrawal of £676.

I recorded the £676 debit as payment against the £176 purchase, leaving £500 of the debit payment as unallocated. I then received a £500 credit from the retailer.

Any advice on how I can resolve the unallocated amount and credit would be much appreciated.

Many thanks.

Go to the part-unallocated payment (purchases -> all payments -> advanced search -> type “unallocated” is probably the quickest way there) and at the top there’s a “refund balance” button. This will create a new pre-tagged bank transaction, so if you already have an untagged £500 transaction you’ll need to delete that, leaving just the tagged one.

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Brilliant. Thank you for your help.

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