Purchase receipt date - Internet Explorer

Hi I am trying to enter a purchase invoice and it will not accept the date? The date is within the accounting period so don’t know what im doing wrong.

When I enter the receipt date the due date comes up as 30 days later automatically but the box remains pink so it keeps coming up with error message?


Are you able to give an example of a date you’re entering, and the error you’re seeing? A screenshot would be fine if that’s easier

hiya it wont let me paste a screenshot onto this forum. But my y/e is 28/02/15. So I am entereing an invoice dated 28/03/14 and the due date automatically fills with 27/04/15. Don’t know why it wont accept it??

Are you using Internet Explorer? I can’t replicate any problem on Chrome.

Try entering the dates with the full year e.g. 28/03/2014.

that is how i’m entering the date.
Yes I am using internet explorer not Chrome.

Even using Internet Explorer I can’t replicate this problem?

I can enter the dates as follows then save, without any issues.

Can you try on a different browser? Do you have any extensions running on IE?

i’ll try opening in a different browser and see if that works. Thanks