Purchase Receipts

why is it not possible to record the quanity of an item on a purchase receipt as you can on an invoice as at the moment I list every item to help if i need to check back what its for.

This has never been supported. Mainly due to there being no real imperative to do so. Sales invoices are a different case as you’re issuing this document to a client. On the purchase side you really just need to focus on booking in the headline figures. If you want to note down any quantities this can be added in the description box.

One use case for this would be mileage expenses, where you don’t have a supplier invoice as such, and it would be so useful to be able to put the per-mile rate as a “unit price” and the number of miles as “quantity” and have QuickFile do the calculation rather than having to add it all up manually.

I have another case where it would be useful - running a shop as a self-employed partnership we sometimes take items of stock from the shop for our own use. Our accountant advised that when we do this we should “credit purchases and debit drawings” for the cost price of the stock taken, so I raise a negative purchase (i.e. a standalone credit note) against a fake supplier “goods for own use” and “refund” the purchase to drawings. Thus I’m basically using a purchase invoice like a sales invoice, and again it would be handy to be able to enter unit price and quantity rather than having to do the calculations by hand.

I think we may be able to explore this at some point in the future, although it’s one of those areas that is so ingrained into the software, we’d need to be extremely careful making changes here and I’d definitely want to see a much stronger demand first.

The only one i’d +1 for at the moment is the Mileage calculations, if i select the category as travelling then it would be nice for the template to change accordingly to allow automatic mileage calculation when entering (or selecting from a dropdown) a base price and then the number of miles, extra, extra nice would be if the total number of miles in this tax year under the category Travelling exceeds a preset (like the current 10,000) the the unit cost should automatically be the lower value allowed per mile.

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