Purchase reference box - Support more characters

Anybody know how to increase the size of the purchase reference box on sales invoices?

Hi @CliveClive

Is it just the number itself you’re looking to make bigger, or the whole line?

Hi Matthew
We need room for about 6-8 more characters than the space currently allows, if that makes sense?

Is it more of the case that you need to add more text to the box than what’s allowed?

Yes, that is exactly what we need, 6-8 more character spaces would be ideal.

Thanks for confirming :slight_smile:

This isn’t something that’s achievable with CSS. I will however have a chat to our development team to see if anything can be done here.

OK Thanks Matthew - Kind regards


Hi @CliveClive

We’ve managed to increase this to 25 characters. I hope that helps?

Hi Mathew
Thank you, yes, this will be a big help as we sometimes have to put a PO number and a supplier ref
on our invoices.

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