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Purchase VAT being assigned to wrong nominal account

I just noticed the other day that on my balance sheet, that my purchase tax control account (2201) figure had not updated for a few days, despite adding a few purchases to quickfile. When I checked this, I could see that the purchase tax control account has had no entries since November 19th.

All purchases made since that date, the purchase VAT has been assigned to the sales tax control account (2200) instead?

I can’t work out why this is happening, nor how to resolve it, other than journalling the amounts to the correct nominal account. With it being purchase VAT, I don’t want to fiddle with it to be honest.

Any ideas what has happening and why suddenly QF has suddenly started assigning purchase VAT to the wrong code?

Ignore my last comment. Thought you were using journals to record entries when it was in fact not the case.

Hi @Paulwk1972

There is a known issue here affecting a small number of accounts, specifically for entries created after 23rd November. Are you able to recheck now?

Apologies for any confusion caused.

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Hi Glenn

Thanks for your swift help as usual. Everything seems as it should be now.

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No problem, we should have caught that on our testing. We have a permanent fix going in later today although for any new purchases the VAT may monentarily appear under 2200 until that fix is live. Again sorry for the confusion here.

I just checked again and since the 30th November all sales invoice VAT is going into the purchase VAT account (2201).

Last entries in the sales tax control account (2200) are 29th November.

So the opposite problem as before.

Hi @Paulwk1972,

Thank you for letting us know. We are currently looking into this and will let you know as soon as it is fixed

Hi @Paulwk1972,

The incorrect postings have been re-mapped for you to the correct nominal.

Any new sales invoices that you raise today will still map to the purchase tax control until the fix is deployed.

The fix should be deployed this afternoon, if not this evening.