Purchases excluded from VAT


Is there a way to check what has been excluded from the VAT report.

It appears I have processed a payment made that excludes VAT, but should appear in Box 7 as a purchase. Now I’m worried I’ve incorrectly processed other transactions, but don’t know how to check…


Are you on cash or accrual accounting?

The best way to check what is included in a vat return is to “download calculations” and open that CSV in excel/google sheets. That lists exactly which sales and purchases have gone into the box totals.

On cash accounting, I can see the transactions included in VAT reconcilation. I need to see transactions not included…

If they’re not included it means either that you’ve marked them exempt or out of scope, the payment dates (not the invoice dates) fall after the end of the relevant quarter, you’ve set the wrong “vat start date” (if this is your first return) or they’ve already been included in a previous return (if it isn’t).

You may have to view the list of payments for the relevant date range and manually cross reference that with the downloaded calculations.

@ian_roberts I’m hoping there is a report, or somewhere else I can look…

I have been using QF for three years, so don’t have time or patience to go through every transaction! This one doesn’t affect the VAT Return (as this transaction is zero rated), but now I’m paranoid I may have misposted others…

The list of payments that @ian_roberts mentioned would be the best resource to cross reference as this would be the data that is used for the VAT returns (alongside the invoices they relate to).

@QFMathew how much work would it be for you to expose the “locked by a VAT return” flag as a column in the CSV exports of sales, purchases and payments? Or at least in the account backup if not in the live exports? That would give a way to automatically cross-reference in excel to find the items that are neither included in this return, nor locked by a previous one.

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