Purchases for ltd company and sole trader with personal card

im new to quickfile

in a lid company,
i make some purchases from my person debit/credit card rather than the company debit card.

how do i log this in bank accounts and purchases etc?
does it just get setup as a credit cad account, or does it go into directors loan account?

if its my personal debit card it gets debited straight from my bank.

if its my personal credit card, it gets added to the balance and then i either pay it off from my bank, or i send a payment for this specific amount from the company bank straight to the card.
in this situation i assume it would have to be recorded differently.

Hi @adnw,

If you are making purchases from a private account then you can show this in a directors loan account. I’m assuming you would pay yourself back from the company, so you can then tag the payment back to yourself to this loan account to zero it again.

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