Purchases-Receipt Hub-PROFORMAS and Purchases with Debit Cards

How do you deal with PRO FORMA Invoices from Suppliers?

How about treatment in Quickfile for Visa Dibit Purchases for groceries say from Tesco?


Pro Forma invoices are basically just quotes/estimates. Upon agreeing an order the supplier would normally issue a full invoice which you can include on your accounting records.

I presume this is a personal expense? Are you a sole trader or LTD?

Thanks for the prompt response Glen.I am well aware that it’s an estimate subject to the actual invoice.

So I guess it means that we don’t need to capture that in our books right?

It’s a LTD

That’s correct.

If you paid for personal items from your LTD account then you need to tag these outgoings to the Director’s Loan Account. This tracks how much the directors owe the company or vice versa.


I guess I need to provide some additional info here.The “groceries” are meant to be added to the companies stocks.

So these are purchases I have settled with the companies debit card and so how’s that supposed to be captured into quickfile?


Well if these items are resold as part of your business activities, say if you’re a running a restaurant, cafe etc then it’s just like any other business expense (cost of sale). Tag it from the bank as a supplier payment, select the supplier and choose a category like general purchases.

Presumably if it’s paid by your company’s debit card it’s going to be appearing on your bank anyway.

This is a related question:

How do you account for discount on a company’s purchases in quickfile?

Just enter the net amount on the purchase after the discount. If you want to itemise the discount enter two lines on the purchase one with the total and a minus amount for the discount.