QF and CT600 link up

Hi is there a way or any info that links the QF boxes with the GOV CT600 boxes. IE AC12 total turnover with QF 4000 figure. etc etc Nice if it was by the side in QF


Hi @miiky

It’s a little bit tricky to go straight from the figures in QuickFile to those required by a company tax return, but it’s certainly not impossible. It is however, usually better to ask your accountant to prepare these for you to ensure they’re correct.

I’d imagine this is something that will be looked at if/when Making Tax Digital goes ahead, but until any plans are finalised by HMRC, then it’s difficult to say what will happen here.

We are keeping an eye on the whole MTD scenario ourselves, but it’s all a bit quiet with the election around the corner. Any updates, we will be sure to post these on our forums.

Hi thank you. On that or similar subject. I use micro entity accounting system. I understand QF isnt setup for that unless somethings changed. Question is will it be if MTD happens. Thanks.

QuickFile is a bookkeeping application, it doesn’t deal with accounts production and tax computation. There are dedicated software applications to manage this side of things, although it’s aimed more at accountants rather than end-users. That’s not to say that you can’t prepare you own accounts and tax return, it’s certainly possible, it’s just more of a manual process at the moment.

At the moment MTD is on hold, but it’s very likely to return after the elections. There has yet to be a consultation on MTD for Limited companies so we really don’t know what form this will take. We should know a little more later in the year.

OK cheers. QF does do tax computation does it not? basic i know but…

It’s a very basic tool, but yes it does. It’s mainly there just for guidance so you have an idea of the current position of the company rather than for completing tax returns.

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