QF failing to Import certain payments from Paypal

Hi there… I have linked paypal with QF and receiving fees and payments Ok. However all postage fees ( I use Hermes to post) paid by paypal does not show in QF which in my understanding should as it is paypal payment as any other. Any help please? Katarina

Are they non-GBP transactions? Currently the PayPal feed will only import GBP transactions into the feed.

It is standard payment for delivery charges for Hermes Parcelnet Ltd. Account: 6131437826 if you can have a look.

We’ll have a look for you and report back.

Many thanks… btw. Invoces you see were raised manualy…

It appears those items we’re skipped as the transaction type came back on the feed as ORDER, this only indicates that an order has been lodged but not yet captured. We look specifically for the type PAYMENT which indicates the funds were collected. I think if you wait a few days it will appear on the feed.

ok. I will make a note of current and next missing payments and wait for few days if they will appear. Many thanks. Kate

Yes please let us know!

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