Query on a potential feature (identical/comapre transactions)

I use natwest for my banking. Every month I import my statement and tag the transactions.

Sometimes my accounts get a bit mixed up and I end up having to check from a historic period of time to present day, to make sure all tansactions are in. However, because natwest and quickfile don’t order the transactions exactly (one transaction may be below or above another) it can be hard to quickly compare against.

So, could either of the following be implemented:

  1. Quickfile mirrors the bank statements transaction order on natwest statement exactly, so they can in essence be mirrored (each transaction is above/below the other correctly). Or,
  2. Each transaction is encoded in a unique number/letter format, like XHGQ. This would be like a MD5 hash or similar. From there, I can easily download both quickfile transactions and banks, then use something like vlookup on excel to compare which transactions are missing.


Hi @tom_44

I don’t think the ordering is something we’re going to be able to change I’m afraid, but the good news is we do offer a tool that could help: Reconciling your bank

The recon tool allows you to compare the balance on your account compared to a bank statement within a selected range. If you have a discrepancy, it’s recommended you start of using a large period (e.g. a month), and then work smaller (e.g. a week, then a day) to identify the exact issue.