Quick File Bank Feed Plugin with Natwest


I have downloaded the Quick File Bank Feed Plugin, i use google chrome browser anyway,
-The icon is now on my browser ok.
-I have setup 3rd party integration and changed the password to easy remembered pass.
-I click on the small plugin icon it opens my natwest log in page,I then log in, i cant get the drop down quickfile menu whilst on my online banking? any ideas how to set this up?

I have allowed popups on all site still no joy.

Thanks Robert.

The Quick File plugin menu is configured to show at the following URL for Natwest:


You should then see our banner at the top:

I know some users are not seeing this as they’ve checked that box highlighted in yellow. This causes the browser to skip past the opening screen. If you can Log in normally and there should be a box to “forget me”, or something of that sort.

Just to add here, if the account is a ‘Direct Business Banking’ account that is in the process of being sold off, they have to login at www.natwest.com/nw

I experienced an issue with this a few months back and unfortunately cannot use the auto bank import as a result.

Time to switch banks…I think so :wink: