Quick File Bank Feeds - synchronise

I recently discover Quick File Bank Feeds and I am happy with it, I just regret not having start earlier.
However, I have now the hard task to synchronise the bank feeds my virtual Business, Credit Card and Pay Pal accounts on Quick File.
I realised that in a few cases I did not recorded properly my old purchases such us:

  1. payments was made through credit card (or Pay Pal) instead I recorded them as bank transfers (and the other way round);
  2. I recorded payment that I have never done because circumstances changed and forgot to get back;
  3. Missed some small purchases (£2 to £5);
    Because my recent VAT returns I cannot change my records any more. What can I do?
    I was thinking to simply ignore my previous bank feeds and just focus on the future ones. My only concerned is that my virtual bank account should reflect my real bank accounts and this will never happen again. Can someone advise on this? Thanks.

If you existing bank balances then its best to start using feed from future date to avoid duplications. Any vat matter not dealt with in previous quarter should be entertained in current vat return

thank you, much appreciated your response,

regarding the fact that my virtual account balances on quick file do not reflect the real bank/paypal accounts is something I should fix (and not sure how) it or I should ignore it.



how much is the difference?

hi, it is less than £300. Mistakes I made by selecting the wrong method of payments.

humm not material , if you like you can try spot the difference individually else do one journal to get correct before you start using bank feed

Thanks, yes it is something I am going to do.