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Quick file not updated 4 days

Hello, Can anyone help. My quick file does not seem to be linked to my bank anymore so when clients are paying i cannot allocate it. Can anyone advise as to why this might be and how i can resolve? It used to be linked.

Hi @Shaun_Kilkenny

Have the links expired? The link with the bank has to be re-authorised every 90 days. Have you tried refreshing the feeds or even removing and re-adding them?

thanks for the awesome information.

Thanks for the reply. I have been on to my Starling app and the website and really cant figure out how to do it. I dont suppose you know how to go about re-authorising it?

With Starling you have have got a notification through the app - if you have missed this then the best thing to do is completely remove the link and then re set it up

Ok thanks. Do you know how i remove the link ?

Hi @Shaun_Kilkenny

If you go to the list of bank accounts and click active feed underneath starling:


You can then remove the feed:


Hi again, i have deleted the feed then linked again and it is still not updating

i am assuming that all the transactions between the last time it updated and now will come through?

No, it will not get the transactions from before you connected it. You can however upload a CSV file which you can get from your starling account.

Hi @Shaun_Kilkenny,

The starling feed works as a ‘live’ feed so will only bring in transactions from when the link is live going forward.

You would need to upload a statement or manually input the transactions for the missing period

ok thanks for the information

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