Quick Login for our CRM

Is it possible for a quick login to the system ie a URL embedded with code so that I do not have to log in.

WE run a CRM but keep our Invoice separate so to login to our system you need a login and password I would like to add a button on the page so that authorised persons can just hit raise invoice and they are logged in.

Is this possible

When you say you run a crm, do you mean you have coded one, or you use a third party one?

If you’ve coded one, you could use the API (http://api.QuickFile.co.uk)

If you use a third party one, check to see if it’s supported by Zapier. Not sure if the functionality is there, but worth a look.

No third party using FileMaker Pro 14

I have seen many cloud based programs or site where you can get an url that when run just logs u in just wondered if QuickFile has this

It does, via the API, as @Parker1090 said above.

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