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Hello there

I have configured my account for weekly backups, however I only seem to be receiving the ZIP files intermittently - the emails always refer to the attachment, however it’s not included.

Can you help?



Hi @chrisaustin87

The emails are generated providing there is recent activity on the account within the few days prior to the backup.

There should however be an attachment of it says there’s one. Are you able to provide me with a date you received an email like this please so we can take a closer look at this for you?

Many thanks for your quick response. The email was received (at email removed) on Monday 11 September at 03:07. The body text read as follows…

Please find attached your most recent backup of your data currently stored in Quick File.

Inside the Zip file you will find a compilation of CSV files containing all the relevant information in tabular format. The CSV file can be opened in a spreadsheet application like Excel or a simple text editor such as Notepad.

If you wish to modify your backup setting you can do so from the account settings area in Quick File.

Kind Regards
The QuickFile Team

Thanks for this. I’ve asked our team to take a look into it.

I will re-request the back up for you now, so a complete copy should be sent to you shortly.

Great - thanks!

Second email has been received, complete with attachment.

Thanks once again, best wishes


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