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QuickFile bank balance doesn't match my bank account


I have my bank feed with starling bank, and something has gone very wrong with the values because while all the in and outs are correct, something has happened to make them out of sync.

How do I download my entire bank feed statement, firstly? So I can at least diagnose it.

I have tried using ‘export data’ but it only downloads the ones selected. I need to download it all.

In addition, it isn’t including the balance, which is critical to checking the values.

Balances are included. Did you add an opening balance when you first started?

To reconcile the bank feed you use the reconcile option. You compare bank statements opening and closing balances and input those figures to the reconciliation option. That tells you which month is off. And you can then locate the error.


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Try the reconciliation tool first. This should help you narrow down a range of dates rather than trawling through entire statements.

Hi @tom_44

When looking at your bank account on QuickFile, are you comparing it against the transaction list in your Starling app, or your bank statement?

It should be your statement as only cleared transactions are counted.

In regards to downloading your entire bank data, an account back up would do the trick, as this includes a CSV of all your account data. However, be aware that it is a backup so it may be slightly behind the data you see in your own account.

In the first instance, reconciling your account would be a good way to eliminate any possible errors.

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My starling bank feed has a bug in it. The starting bank statement is correct but there is at some point an issue in the balance occurs but I can’t verify when it happens as it goes onto the next page. It is 150 max per page.

When I download the data here
by selecting ‘Export data’ it isn’t including the balance statement.

When looking at your bank account on QuickFile, are you comparing it against the transaction list in your Starling app, or your bank statement?

I have starling logged in on my desktop, and I have the statement from there, also in PDF.
I then go to https://floristtouchltd.quickfile.co.uk/bank/statement?bID=820437&o=0 the starling bank feed.

Something goes wrong in the balance in the pages but I can’t pinpoint where because when I click Export data, the statement column isn’t included.

Hi @tom_44

The standard way for locating balance discrepencies is to page through your statement view in QuickFile and identify a date upon which the balance matches your statement issued by Starling Bank. Start by going back a month at a time until you get a matching balance, then iterate forward a few days at a time and until it falls out of sync, you should then be able to zero in on the exact date where the problem originates.

On that date you may have a either have a duplicated transaction or a missing transaction. The former is often a result of manually logging a payment on an invoice, the latter can be due to not renewing the feed consent on time or in some cases the feed may not have completed correctly.

If you’re still stuck after completing the above steps, please drop us a private message with your QF account number and we’ll try to assist.

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