Quickfile going slow

Since yesterday, late evening Quickfile is going extremely slow. Its so slow I cannot do anything as its taking 5 minutes to load a page. I go to other websites and i have no issues. Its just QF. Anyone else with this issue.

I have rebooted laptop and router but the slowness is still there

I’m not seeing any slowness here and there’s nothing reported elsewhere? Is there a specific page that is running slow? What browser are you using?

Im using firefox. I’ll try another browser see if that helps.

Its on all pages. Sales invoice, VAT returns reports, purchases, etc

It sounds like an ISP routing issue, this would explain why some sites run fine. It’s the particular route your ISP takes to reach our servers. I’m not 100% sure to be honest, I just can’t see any indication of slow down on our side.

Do you have a mobile you can test from, make sure not to use your wifi connection but 3G/4G.

I just tried the IE browser and it made no difference. I’ll see if I can test it on mobile.

The browser is not likely to be the problem. I’d say it was the ISP, that’s why checking on a different network would confirm this.

Just to confirm from my end - all seems ok here

Everything is functioning ok now. Not sure what caused it.

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That’s good to hear, thanks for letting us know!

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