QuickFile Keyboard Shortcuts Cheatsheet

In our latest update we’ve introduced a bunch of new keyboard shortcuts for Affinity and Power User Subscriptions. These keyboard shortcuts will make it easier to get to where you need to be, without clicking through menus or jumping from screen to screen.

Here are the basic set of shortcuts you can use right now:

A Show all Account settings

B Load Bank management screen

C Add a new Client

D Return to Dashboard

E Load new Estimate screen

H Load Receipt Hub

I Load new Invoice screen

J Load new Journal screen

M Document Management area

P Load new Purchase screen

R Show all Reports

S Add a new Supplier

We’re keen to expand upon this list, if you can suggest any worthwhile additions don’t hesitate to let us know.


How exactly does this work?

It will work on any screen within the application, although it is only available if there is an active Power User or Affinity subscription. Also it’s worth noting that if you upgrade you would need to log out and back in again before it becomes effective.

Here’s something to try, I use Firefox and have ‘start searching when I type’ enabled. I haven’t got a power user subscription currently but with the above I would expect one or the other of these functions to not work.

If you have ‘start searching when I type’ enabled on Firefox this presumably would only work if you were focused on a text box or html input? The shortcut keys in QF will only work if you are not focused on such an input, so I don’t think it will cause any issues. We did test in FF and it worked fine, not sure however if that particular setting was switched on though.

Not that I am trying to be awkward but that FF feature works when the window has focus. I do not need to focus on a textbox. Having said that it doesn’t seem to work on this page, I assume because Discourse is registering all keystrokes as some presses do seem to make Discourse do things. Not sure how this will work in Quickfile.

I had a look on FF and enabled the text search feature. It doesn’t interfere with QF shortcut keys but if I press P for example the text search box flashes up in the bottom left on FF but proceeds to redirect me to the new purchase screen. The two together won’t work.

I’m not too familiar with the shortcut keys in Discourse, although I just found that pressing F stars a post.

If you prefer QF not to interfere with the FF text search feature we’d need to look at a way of selectively disabling it.


Oh and H is home in Discourse.

So what seems to have happened here is everyone is deciding that they will all use the same shortcuts for different features and it’s now total pot luck what works and what doesn’t!

I’m not too concerned about it not working as if required this could be worked around by searching the standard way (Ctrl-F, type in text box) but it would be nice if everything played nicely together rather than various programs/apps/websites/browsers all fighting with each other when certain things happen. I would imagine this has come about because of the mobile users who can’t (or won’t) do ctrl and something which has usually been how shortcuts are launched.

Websites are usually last in the pecking order when it comes to shortcut keys, using CTRL is preferable but there are so few left now that you can actually use as 3/4 of them are already taken by the browser. Even most of the GMail shortcut keys are single character (at least the optional ones).

You need to start selling keyboards with a QF button!

I must have just been lucky, I don’t really recall ever having this issue anywhere, I’ve obviously managed to not stumble upon any of the sites that do this automatically or have never needed to search the pages on them.

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Is it possible to have a way to turn these off in the account settings?

I often cut and paste addresses from QF to address labels, but keep getting taken to the new customer screen.

Are you using Firefox? We should be ignoring the CTRL keydown event, this is getting ignored in Chrome and IE but seemingly not in Firefox.

We do plan to provide an option to disable shortcut keys in the next release.

Yes, I’m using FF.

TBH I’d like to disable it anyway. There’s been a few times when I’ve been tagging invoices and I guess I haven’t clicked into the tag box before start to type and it’s taken me to a completely different screen.

I can see why these shortcuts are helpful for some people’s workflow, but not mine really. So I’d like the option to turn them off.

That wasn’t meant as a criticism. I really appreciate how well you develop this product and how quickly you respond to feedback.

This development just happens not to help me - but I see it will be useful to many.

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Yeh no worries at all, the feedback is always appreciated.


In the mean time the CTRL key is now being correctly escaped in FireFox.

UPDATE May 1st

Just a quick update to let you know that we have now added a setting to fully disable keyboard shortcuts. It should go live next week.

Great thank you. These will be very useful.

We have now added an account-level toggle to switch off the keyboard shortcuts entirely. You will find it in the advanced features section.


Shortcut “L” Show DOCUMENT MANAGER (Library). This would be a useful one.

The only problem here is we’ve never referred to the document manager as the “Library” so it may not be intuitive. Unfortunately D is assigned to the Dashboard, otherwise we could have used that.