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"Quickfile" logo on dashboard mysteriously swapped for another logo


Good morning, since sometime last week, my Quickfile logo has mysteriously been swapped for the logo of the accountancy firm that did my company return last year. If I click on the logo it still takes me to my dashboard, but I’d really rather have the correct logo sitting there rather than the wrong logo. Is this something that needs to be fixed by yourselves? I promise that I haven’t fiddled with any setting on my side!! Many thanks.


Hi @kba

It sounds like your account is still linked with their Affinity account. Providing you have the administrator rights on your account, you can revoke access by going to Account Settings >> Team Management.

You may need to log out and back in again to for this to update.


This isn’t a solution it’s a workaround. The same has happened to my account and it didn’t happen last year.

I like my accountant and if Quickfile wants me to know my accountant still has access then OK but also let me have my logo predominately displayed as I pay for and use Quickfile all year and I pay my accountant for Year End processes only.

Revoking access seems more like a snub or a sign of distrust.

I can brand my clients dashboard but I can’t brand my own??


It may be possible that your accountant (the Affinity user) has only set this up recently, so it would only now take effect.

The custom logo is part of the whitelabel features that Affinity comes with and it’s available to all Affinity account holders. It’s not uncommon for accountants to use their own logo on their connected accounts.

However, I’ve just made a small change to your account to update the logo.


Thank you for the quick response, though the change hasn’t happened on the Team Management tab.

My understanding is that ‘whitelabelling’ is for re-sellers. I did not purchase the system through the accountant so whitelabelling shouldn’t be applied to my account and probably many other Quickfile users.

Also perhaps an option to suspend access in addition to revoking access could be implemented. Just a thought for added security…

Thanks again for resolving this quickly.


It may require a log out and back in again to fully resolve, also try clearing the cache or hold control and refresh.

We’re discussing a few options internally as to how best handle the application of white labelled logos/branding for those accounts that are connected later (i.e. not created by the Affinity user).


Exactly what makes Quickfile great :+1:


Hi - can you advise if the logo swap issue has been rectified. If not is it possible to change the logo from my accountants to our business logo? Thank you


Hi @simjps

Yes, this was resolved when the thread was active almost 2 years ago.

If you’re experiencing any issues or have any queries, please let us know, although it may be best to start a new thread for this.


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