Quickfile not connecting with HMRC

I am trying to link Quickfile to HMRC, but it consistently fails to connect. I have spoken to HMRC who have checked and they confirm I am set up for MTD and it should link up. I have worked through the guidance on Quickfile and as far as I can tell all relevant boxes are ticked - but I do not have any specific boxes on my account labeled ‘Enable online Filing’ or ‘use MTD features’

Hi @Apple001

Sorry to hear you’re experiencing some issues with this.

What is the error message that you are seeing?

HMRC connection error, NOT-found

But HMRC say it is fine on their side

Hi @Apple001

A “NOT_FOUND” error is sent to us by HMRC, and it means that they can’t find data relating to your HMRC account for your VAT number.

In the first instance, you should reach out to HMRC directly. Unfortunately, they don’t provide us any further information other than the error message.

I spoke to HMRC and according to them all was correct, it should connect

Unfortunately, there’s nothing we can do on our end as it’s HMRC returning the error to us.

You can try disconnecting and reconnecting your HMRC account, but if it continues, only HMRC will be able to resolve it.

I have tired that, I will give it more time and see if system improves.

The other thing that trips some people up is if you have different government gateway accounts for VAT and for other taxes, make sure you’re connecting the right one.

same VAT number - so I would hope t is the right. I will wait until after new year and see if the system updates

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