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Quickfile Not Integrating With Dropbox



Please can you help? I am having problems with the Camscanner/Dropbox/Quickfile connection – the way I understood it, once set up correctly scanned receipts would upload to Dropbox and then onto Quickfile, however, this is not happening… We have had several attempts at severing connection between all three to then setting up again and it still doesn’t work?


Hi @miades

I just want to check a few things to make sure everything is in place and all ok. If it is, then we’ll certainly take a closer look at this for you.

  • Are you saving the files in the /App/Quick File Receipts folder on Dropbox?
  • Are the files under 5MB in size?
  • I’m assuming if you’ve taken them with CamScanner, they’re all .pdf or .jpg. However, i just want to check that this is the case?
  • If you manually poll your account, does it show any errors? (This case be found in Account Settings >> 3rd Party Integrations >> Dropbox)



  • yes, everything has been saved in “Apps/Quick File Receipts”. It also seems to have created a number of other folders within this: “Imported”, " 6131443916" and within this one a variation of zip files and several .jpg’s.
  • all files (as far as I am aware under 5MB.
  • all files .jpg.
  • gotta be honest, never used the manual poll function (didn’t know there was such a thing so… couldn’t tell you.


This is normal - the “Imported” folder is just the folder we move any files we’ve already processed.

Have you connected your account to more than 1 QuickFile account, or this the only one? If you have multiple accounts, you will need separate folders each account - I suspect this may be where your folder ‘61314…’ has come from. If you only use the one account, can you please delete the folder ‘61314…’? I think this may be tripping it up when it’s looking for new files.

Generally speaking, the manual poll function will tell you if there are any issues or pull in any pending files.


Did as suggested and deleted the ‘numbered’ file (husband’s just informed me that we do have a 2nd QF account), cut and pasted into ‘Imported’ folder and suddenly, all the receipts are there!
Thank you!

I take it this means that now a link has been established it will continue to upload automatically?


Great news!

Just to confirm, if you have 2 QuickFile accounts using the same Dropbox account, you should have a file structure similar to this:

Dropbox\Apps\Quick File Receipts\613140001
Dropbox\Apps\Quick File Receipts\613140002

(Where the 61314 number represents your QuickFile account number).

Adding a file in one of the account folders will then be picked up by QuickFile within 5-10 minutes and we’ll add it to your account for you.

So if you have 2 QuickFile accounts with the 1 Dropbox account, ensure you have the numbered folders, and that you’re saving your files in one of them, and we’ll pull it through to the Receipt Hub for that account for you automatically - just like magic :wink:


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