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Quickfile payment required but no links

I logged into quickfile a couple of days ago and received notifications that I had exceeded the limit for a medium sized organisation and would now have to pay £45 + VAT to upgrade to large. I clicked on something to defer payment for 14 days. I would now like to pay but can’t find anything anywhere in my account which relates to the payment that needs to be made. There’s nothing under account settings / billing etc.

Hi @nikkijordan

If you go to Help >> Additional Services, you can manage all your subscriptions with QuickFile there. Or, the notice will reappear once the deferral period has finished.

Thanks - if I add a new subscription under the Additional Services and pay the £45, will that stop the notice reappearing once the deferral period has finished or am I best waiting until the period has finished?

Paying before the deferral ends will remove the notice now, so either way would be fine.

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