QuickFile rejects e-mail as "already used" when adding a team member

I used to have a team member that stopped working with me, so was deleted from the log-in list.
That person has returned so I want to reinstate him. I will set up the privileges later.
The problem is that when I try to re-enter the Email address and other details the system says “already used” and won’t allow the save. I see nowhere to go to reinstate the user, so am unable to have him on the system unless he changes his address etc. Clearly not a viable solution.

Any advice?

Steve Hills.

It’s likely that this user already has another Quick File account. Try using the same email to reset the password, the email will reveal which account they are linked to.

Password Reset

Once they are removed from the other account they can then be registered on your account.

Many thanks Glenn.
I’ll give that a try.

Steve Hills.