Quickfile tutorial to learn the basics?

I am not brilliant at reading lots of info so need something interactive and visual to understand how to use quickfile. I do not have a book keeping background for a limited company so something simple would be helpful.

many thanks


The best way to get going would be to simply start using QuickFile.

Familiarize yourself with different user areas and functions. Do some basic entries, add few clients and suppliers, create an invoice, etc. You can always start with test data and then rollback the account later.

In other word the best way is to practice and use our community to your advantage.

Whenever you encounter a specific problem or have a doubt, please search this forum or the knowledgebase where we have 1000s of posts, it’s very likely your query will have been covered already

I would second that but if you have no book keeping or finance experience at all some of the underlying concepts may still seem a bit difficult.

As a magazine we work on an issue by issue cycle so first I just played as suggested above and than ran QF in parallel with our existing accounts for an issue before clearing everything down and cutting across.

Once you are used to QF spend some time in the forum reading the old posts, I learned a lot that way.

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I agree - I find QuickFile quite simple to use yet effective. The best way to do it is play about. Even now I have a test account (used for playing with new features without messing up my account, testing the API, and answering forum questions).

As @PeterK suggested - play with the features, and then simply wipe your account clean and use it for real :smile:

And, there’s an active forum here with people who are happy to answer questions (but do use the search first)

Thanks for the advice everyone. How do you do a dummy run/test account without messing up existing data?

You would need to open a new account under another email, if you don’t have a separate email perhaps register a free one with Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo.

Or if you already have a GMail account example@gmail.com then you can add +anything before the @ and still receive the mail. So you could create a QuickFile account using an address like example+qftest@gmail.com

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