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Re-activate Barclays bank feed

Hi There,
I am trying to re-activate a bank feed to a barclays business account. The book keeper that set this up before enetered the wrong account details. The balance reconciles up to 10/10/19 however I want to re-activate it from that date and I cant because the wrong bank account details were enetered into the bank feed before hand. What do i do?
Do I delete the whole account and set it up again as a new one?

Hi @lorrayndepeyer

When you try to re-authorise the feed it would be expecting the same log in details for online banking, so if someone else set this up, that may be causing an issue.

It may be best in this case to completely revoke and remove the feed and re-add it as if it was new. However, you can only poll back 28 days from the date it’s enabled. For entries from 10/10/2019 to the earliest date you can pull data in from, you would need to import a CSV export from the online banking account. Or, depending on your transaction volume, it may be easier to input them manually.

Let us know if you need any help with these.

Hi Mathew,
Thanks for your reply. Yes I will do that however, what about all the entries for the last few years? If it only goes back 28 days then all thosefigures will be lost? or is there a way of saving everything in thies account up to the last date that everything reconciled which was 10/10/2019?

The account itself will be unaffected. When you remove the feed, only the link between the bank and your QuickFile account will be broken and removed. No other data on your account will be deleted.

Hope that helps!

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