Re-billing Function Bug

When I use this function to re-bill expenses I always use the contra expense option (to make the transaction link to the associated nominal cost account (e.g. travel).

I usually have multi-line items for each expense and each line item has a reciept (all pretty standard).

However, when the invoice is created and I check the cost codings of the line item, only the first line item is associated with the correct cost code. All subsequent line items are associated with “Credit Charge - Late Payment”.

This is a bug that you may want to check out and rectify.


Hi @steeleman12

I’ve tried to replicate this on a test account without any luck.

Just to clarify:

  • I have a purchase invoice made up of 3 lines, each line associated to a different nominal account
  • I rebill this at 0% markup and have contra expenses ticked
  • The new invoice is created against the correct codes

Have you done this using the details above, or have you done it a different way?

You seem to be doing what I do, but getting a different result.

I just did one after posting with 5 line items all were for Hotel, or Subsistence. The top line was the only one that referenced Subsistence. There rest were Credit Charges (Late Payment).

I deleted the invoice and set to general sales and journalled the amounts back into the contra accounts

Not too sure what’s happening there. I’ve tried it a few times with different invoices etc., and it seems to work all OK.

If you try it again (without saving the invoice), does it have the same result, or does it work correctly? If you wish, provide me with the purchase invoice number and the last 3 digits of your account number and I’ll take a quick look for you.