Re -Registered for VAT

I de-registered for VAT back in 2018, now have decided to Re-Register, have a new VAT number and put it all in QF, however it won’t let me submit the first new current VAT return because it says old returns are outstanding, and I can’t file those because I have locked the years. I know I can file it manually with HMRC, but is there a fix, surely I don’t have to have a new QF account?

Hi @JillA,

If you don’t need to submit them to HMRC but they need to be shown as filed on QuickFile then if you remove the online filing settings you can then save the ‘missing’ returns before re-adding your settings and submitting the required returns.

Hope this helps

I did try that, but it says the years are locked

Hi @JillA

Are you registered for MTD?

No not at present, only set it up on 1st August

All sorted now, I had to unlock all the years and delete the year end journals, then as you said, untick electronic filing on each quarter return and then run the month I required for VAT and then submitted, so now I have to re-lock the years and I am back to normal running again. Thank you

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