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Re submission of rolled back VAT return

My VAT return start date was amended recently from 1st April to 1st March.
I have had to roll back my VAT submission from 1st Aril - 30th June in order to send the 1 - 31st March submission requested by HMRC.
HMRC have an issue with my submission 1 - 31st March - error code 500, which they are still trying to fix. To cover this period HMRC are uploading my data into MTD manually from their side.
I need to close off the 2 periods above so that they don’t pull through onto my end Sept submission. Can you advise on the following:

1 - 3 to 31st March ( HMRC to upload my date manually). I assume I need to click submit return for this period and un tick ‘file vat return electronically to HMRC’ so that this locks the details. Can you confirm this is correct.

1 - 4 to 30th June ( Already filed successfully and rolled back in order to action the above). Can you advise how I re submit ( not to HMRC) this rolled back vat return in order to lock the information.

Hi @robo14167

This option will just save the VAT return to your account and nothing will be submitted to HMRC. This will then adjust your balance sheet to account for this too. As HMRC are already dealing with your return, then this should be sufficient.

You’re not able to re-submit/re-save a rolled back return, but you can create a new one for a period. If the period is showing as “Filed” however, you will first need to disable MTD Features in your VAT settings, run and save the return, and then re-enable MTD. This will have the same affect as above - it’ll just save the return and not submit it.

I hope that makes sense?

Many thanks for the confirmation. I will wait for HMRC to upload the 1 - 31st March hopefully this week and then action as advised. I will let you know if I have any issues on this.

1 - 4 to 30th June is confirmed as filed and I have noted that I need to go into the VAT settings and disable the MTD features in order to push this through.

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