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Re-submit VAT return via MTD


Can somebody please help me with this question…
I recently submitted my latest VAT return manually via Quickbooks, and then entered the details into HMRC’s website.
I then signed up to the MTD pilot, and received an email from HMRC saying “our system indicated you have filed your latest return using the old process. This means it hasn’t reached your VAT account in MTD and the data hasn’t been filed properly with HMRC, so we won’t be able to process any repayment or take payments from you.”

I have now successfully connected my Quickbooks account with my HMRC account, but am not sure whether I now need to re-submit my VAT return using MTD. If so, do I need to click on ‘Rollback VAT Return’, and then submit it again?


If you’re using quickbooks then you need to ask their support service rather than here - this forum is for QuickFile, a different piece of software.


Hi Ian,

Apologies, I am using Quickfile and mentioned Quickbooks by mistake as I used that software years ago.


Hi @steve1953

That’s spot on. You will need to roll back the original VAT return submitted using the older method and re-submit it using the MTD method.

Have you linked your QuickFile account to your HMRC account? If not, you can go to Reports >> HMRC and link it there. From that page, once it’s connected, you can file your VAT return from the same area of your account.