Rebilling multi currency bug

Hi there,

I believe I’m experiencing a bug when using the « Rebill to client » feature on a purchase made in a different currency than sterling.

I have a purchase made in Euro, which I try to rebill to a client at a zero markup & contra-expense.
The invoice that get generated is labelled in Euro as well (which appears normal) except that all the amounts have been converted using the GBP/EUR FX Rate, therefore creating a huge mix up and not rebilling the client accurately as the invoice in the same currency is still applied an exchange rate.

Could you please check if you can reproduce the error and advise on a fix?

Many thanks


I have replicated this, and have reported it to the dev team to see whether there is anything that can be done.


Hi there,
Any update on the above?

Many thanks and happy new year!

Hi @wlabh

Apologies for not coming back to you - @QFBeth is off at the moment so I think this may have fallen off the radar slighty, so sorry about that!

I have checked with our team and this did go live towards the end of last year. Are you still experiencing problems with this?

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