Rebilling to Non-UK and Non-EU clients

Can you clarify how QF handles rebililling of VAT-related receipts to non-UK and non-EU clients, please? That is:-

  • For EU customers (QF registered in another country) does QF rebill the net at zero % or the gross?
  • For non-EU customers (QF outside scope), does it rebill the net or the gross?

(We are advised to charge net at zero % for EU and net for non-EU, but claim the VAT back ourselves)


The invoices are rebilled exactly as entered, but it creates a new sales invoice which can be adjusted to suit.

To give you an example, these are the original purchase invoices:

And when rebilled to a client that’s “Exempt or Out of Scope”

And when rebilled to a client that’s “Registered in another EC Member State”, the reverse charge box is checked by default:

I hope that helps.

First, thank you for the quick reply.
Second: charging VAT to the non-EU client is problematic (for us) - although there are schemes for them to reclaim, they cannot necessarily do so (for example, a non-EU with a non-supplying UK establishment). Is there an option to not charge, or can this be added?

The invoice can be marked as “Out of Scope” or “Exempt”, or can be marked as “Reverse Charge”, depending on the client that’s been selected.

If you modify a client, you should see these 3 options:

Depending on which one is selected, depends on what is shown on the invoice itself.

Hopefully you can see on the second of my screenshots above, there’s a “Apply VAT Reverse Charge” tickbox in the top right, and this is shown as being reversed in the total.

Although it’s not visible in the first screenshot, the exempt and out of scope options were present below the notes:

When rebilled, the invoices are copied exactly as they are, but these options can then be set if required.

Ah, thank you - I had forgotten that you can (have to) do this on at per-invoice. What is shown for a non-EU customer with ‘out of scope’ ticked for the invoice - or more correctly, how can I have the invoice show the amount net of VAT and not have the VAT charged (for rebilled expenses)? (I’m still setting up, so haven’t actually generated the invoices yet.)

Perhaps the defaults for an invoice should differ based upon the client’s setting, as a recharge is unlikely for an out-of-scope client.

When you rebill the expenses it creates a brand new invoice and takes you to the editing screen as if you had just created a new invoice anyway. From there you can remove the VAT if needed, or apply any of the VAT settings (exempt, out of scope, etc)

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