Receipt Hub - bank accounts within company

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I have set up automated Bank Transactions for a Paypal account for one company, occasionally used for credits as well as debits. If I capture receipts for payments from this account into Receipt Hub, is there a way I can channel these into the Paypal Bank Account? I may be missing something but it appears that as Receipt Hub is structured:
Dropbox\Apps\Quick File Receipts\6131400100_My_Company_1…
Dropbox\Apps\Quick File Receipts\6131400102_My_Company_2…
Dropbox\Apps\Quick File Receipts\6131400103_My_Company_3.
so it can be used to channel receipts only at the company level (i.e. company current account) and not to the individual bank account level e.g., current account, credit card accounts, paypal, second current account, etc. within that company
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Peter Hockenhull

Hi @peterhock,

The Receipts Hub is for the company, you can then tag these receipts to Invoices. You can’t however link them to a payment, it has to be an invoice.

I think that is what you are referring to?

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